Xiaomi going to the top!

XIAOMI SMARTPHONE BRAND TAKES 2nd PLACE IN THE SECOND POPULATION OF THE SMART SMART OF THE SMART TELEPHONE IN THE SECOND QUARTER OF 2021. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, XIAOMI swung just below the top of the list of the best, with a 17% share and 83% year-on-year growth, thus beating the COMPETITIVE APPLE.

The credit for the outstanding achievement goes to the Mi community, which brings together loyal users of Xiaomi technology, and to Miers, which with passion and perseverance dictates global trends and innovations for everyone. During that period, the Xiaomi brand was also the leader in growth among smartphones. Canalys pointed out in the report that Xiaomi is in the process of transforming its business model from a market challenger to a leader in smartphone sales. All thanks to initiatives such as partner consolidation and more prudent management of open markets. Canalys added that Xiaomi’s next goal is to displace Samsung’s main competitor in the first place and thus become the world’s leading smartphone retailer.

Source: CityMagazine, Xiaomi