Meet the new post-pandemic social networking app!

Thankfully things are going back to normal all over the world! And since we all haven’t had a party in some time its the perfect time to introduce you to @tabler!  Thanks to brothers and entrepreneurs Deni Sebastian Eferl, 28, and Alan Amadej Eferl, we all have a completly new way to connect and party together!

But you are wondering how does it work? Let me explain!
The way Tabler works is simple: If you are a user, or a “tabler,” you create a basic profile—like you would on Uber or LinkedIn or Hinge—you search for events with open “tables” in your area and you ask to join. Joining a Tabler table can literally mean you have a reserved seat at a table—in a club, restaurant or bar—or it can mean you have a reserved VIP spot at a private party. This week, for example, the founders hosted a “taco Tuesday” party in their Miami penthouse and listed the event on Tabler. Almost 40 people on the app saw the listing, asked to join and showed up at the party.
As hosts, Deni and Alan created the listing, reviewed each profile and accepted the users they felt comfortable with. On the app, a host can set various preferences depending on the nature of their event, such as number of guests, price commitments and even vaccination requirements—since we’re not out of the woods yet. Once the host accepts a member, the two can connect via the app’s chat feature before the event.

Where is everything with tabler going?
From the start they operated in places like Tulum etc.., but now by the end of 2022 they plan to expand their presence in New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in the U.S., as well as Mykonos, Southern France and Ibiza, in Europe.

You are probably wondering what is the purpose behind tabler!
Their aim is connect as many people from different backgrounds as they can because they want that everyone feels accepted and the main goal is that the person can share a table with other people who have the same or similar mindset as them!

So! If we recap everything is tabler the future of partying? 100% YES. Why you ask? Well like Deni said “Right now, the nightlife and hospitality sector is outdated, and Tabler is bringing it to the next level,” Deni said. “Digitalizing nightlife with a one-click sharing solution to bring the party to you is Tabler’s goal and links the digital world that we’re all so attached to, with reality.”

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