Thousands of suitcases are damaged every year and because they cannot be repaired, they end up in the trash. This has a major impact on the environment for the settlement. To combat this waste stemming from our love of travel, a team of designers has created a special finish that is very easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easier to repair or recycle. The RHITA suitcase has 70% fewer parts compared to traditional suitcases, and the transport space has been reduced by as much as one third. It is distinguished by an innovative hinge system and a unique way of assembling – without glue or rivets.
The RHITA case system allows you to buy individual parts in the color you want or replace only the part that has broken down. That way, you don’t have to throw away a worn suitcase and buy a new one. In this way, however, your behavior becomes more sustainable. When the RHITA case completes its useful life, it is easy to recycle, adding another much-needed dimension to the sustainable travel industry.
RHITA received the A’Design Silver Award in the category of sustainable green design products for 2020.

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Source: Rhita, CityMagazine!