New super awesome Samsung fridge!

The new Samsung four-door refrigerators have an elegant design with a flat screen and hidden handles, so they will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Family Hub can also serve as a digital frame, as it allows users to display works of art of their choice.
The new four-door refrigerators reflect Samsung’s ongoing commitment to introducing new innovations that provide users with a customized lifestyle experience. Samsung refrigerators allow personalization on many levels, including:
Changeable exterior – Users can give their kitchen a personal touch through the creative use of materials and colors – namely, the new Samsung four-door refrigerators offer color and texture customization with replaceable door panels.
Flexible interior – Interior adjustment is possible on all four-door models, thanks to flexible shelves and drawer configurations that create optimal conditions and keep food fresh for longer. The refrigerators include the Samsung Flex Zone, a versatile compartment that can change the temperature and meet the family’s needs for food storage space. The enhanced Flex Zone has five different temperature settings: freezing, light freezing, meat / fish, fruit / vegetables and beverages. There is also Flex Crisper ™, which allows you to store meat or fish at the optimum temperature, as well as Crisper + ™, which maintains the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Recommendations based on personal preferences – Family Hub brings the benefits of customizing software, thanks to artificial intelligence services that upgrade family life experiences. You will receive recommendations on meals, you will be up to date with available foods and their expiration dates, a shopping list will be created automatically, and you can order food directly through the interface on the refrigerator.

Source: CityMagazine, Samsung!