Own an iPhone? Razer Kishi might be right for you!

Handheld gaming has matured over the years, and so is the iPhone. Perhaps the single most important factor that made the iPhone the king of the portable gaming market is the quality of games one can find on the App Store. As a gaming device, the iPhone is hard to beat. It’s portable, lightweight, and can run most mobile games you can imagine, including some of the great indie titles. Add a few accessories like a controller or gaming headphones, the iPhone becomes an even better gaming device, especially for those who call themselves die-hard mobile gamers. We’ve rounded up some handy gaming accessories which will help elevate the gaming experience on your iPhone.

Razer Kishi
Although not cheap, the Razer Kishi is the most sought after third-party controller for iPhone you can find on the market. The Kishi mimics a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons but is designed for smartphones, including the iPhone. It’s not a typical game controller, as the Kishi’s halves are connected by a plastic-and-rubber strap. The iOS version directly connects to the iPhone, thanks to a Lightning connector, rather than using Bluetooth as most game controllers do. The Razer-made Kishi has all the gaming buttons and its simplistic design works in favour of the controller. Using the Kishi is as easy as attaching your iPhone and detaching it. The good thing about the iOS version of the Kishi is that it works with most mobile games that are available on the App Store. Not to forget, the Razer Kishi is also compatible with games that are included as part of the Apple Arcade subscription. It isn’t cheap, though. At Rs 10,560, the Razer Kishi costs as such as buying a mid-range Android smartphone. Look, if you really want to play controller-based games on your iPhone, buying Razer’s switch-like controller is worth it even if it is priced on a higher side.