As we retweeted a few days ago Elon’s electric sedan gets a much-needed interior redo, including a controversial Knight-Rider-like wheel.
There’s more carbon fiber or wood trim covering parts of the dashboard and door panels, and the door cards have been redesigned and appear to feature much-needed additional storage space. The new center console also has more storage space and looks a lot nicer, and it has wireless charging for multiple devices. The rear seats look more sculpted and feature a new fold-down armrest with cupholders. Rear-seat passengers get an 8-inch screen that offers the same infotainment and gaming functions as the main screen, and it even works with wireless gaming controllers. The Model S has three-zone climate control, a 22-speaker audio system, heated seats all around (and ventilated front seats), ambient lighting and a glass roof as standard. White, black and beige remain the only interior color options.

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