BMW iX3 fully electric car!

BMW has started production of the all-electric iX3. According to the carmaker, the first BMW iX3 rolled off the production line at the BMW Brilliance Automotive factory in Shenyang, China on 29 September.
In a statement, BMW stresses high-quality manufacturing, saying a ‘zero defect concept’ would ensure the iX3 meets “the globally high market requirements for electric mobility”. The BMW iX3 is only the second all-electric car of the company and the first model made in China for export to key world markets.

To recharge the BMW ix3, the manufacturer has enabled 150 kW for charging from 0 to 80 per cent in 34 minutes. The average charging power is thus 104 kW. In contrast to the i3, which was able to use its maximum charging power up to over 80 per cent SoC, BMW here cuts off the iX3 charging power earlier, albeit at a significantly higher level. The company speaks of a “unique combination of low power consumption and high charging power,” which would enable long-distance journeys at high average speeds. Other manufacturers offer a little more, but compared to the i3 or Mini Cooper SE (max. 50 kW), the progress is clear. The AC charging power is 11 kW.
The BMW Charging Card gives drivers access to over 450,000 charging points worldwide. However, customers of a BMW iX3 electric car benefit from a special tariff at Ionity high power charging points at 0.29 €/kWh as opposed to the Ionity charges of 0.79 €/kWh in other offers.

Source: Electrive, TopGear, Atmosferci, BMW!