UK is heading towards electricity!

It’s official now. The UK will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, and will allow the sale of hybrids until 2035 – but only those that allow for real driving without direct emissions. How will the British afford such a transition and why can they actually succeed?

Ten years is actually a long time in the automotive industry. Ten years ago, electric cars were not taken seriously by anyone other than Elon Musk, today they have become a major trend. Their market share is growing rapidly, but the supply of cars is still quite limited. The main problem is no longer the range, but the simpler charging infrastructure and their price.
The UK has certainly made an ambitious strategic decision as part of a program to move to a carbon-free society. In 2030, they will stop selling new cars powered by petrol and diesel engines. By 2035, they will let at most sell hybrids, but not all. Johnson pointed out that this only applies to those hybrids that can cover the noteworthy distance solely on electricity. With this explanation, only plug-in hybrids fall under this exception.