Xbox Series X Design!

The Xbox Series X is handsome, and I mean that in a modern sense. You know how a lot of Hollywood actors are all kind of handsome in the same way to the point that they all sort of blend in with one another? The Series X has that going on.Sure, when you first get it out of the box and set it out in front of you, it looks strange and different due to its tall, bulky construction. But once you do get the Xbox Series X set up, it’s mostly going to blend in with everything else in your home.The new Xbox controller is basically the old Xbox controller. At least that’s the case for the overall form factor. You will find a new share button that I really like. It’s easy to reach and is a different shape than the surrounding menu buttons. That makes it easier to find when you’re trying to get a clip in a hurry.But you’re not supposed to look at a controller. It’s all about how it feels, and this is Microsoft’s best-feeling gamepad ever, outside the Elite controllers. This is for multiple reasons, such as high-quality materials that have a really nice grip. The button action feels more bubbly and responsive than ever. The sticks are smooth, and the shoulder bumpers require only the slightest effort to activate.

We will do another article for technical stuff because we will represent XBOX S and X so wait for a few days and you are in for a treat!

Source: Google images, Engadget, Venturebeat!