Exciting news ! Giro-mobility e-scooters are literally taking over Slovenia. From now on you can find them in different cities such as Ljubljana, Maribor, Portorož and Križevci.

And now you are probably wondering well how do I use them?
Well let me explain it to you. First you need to download the GIROMOBILITY app ( you can find it on apple store or google play store) then you add your credit card info and add balance you your account and the last step is to find the e-scooter on the app map, and scan the QR code on the e-scooter and then you are ready to ride and explore the city with your family and friends and maybe stop for a cup of local coffee.

The process is really simple and also environment friendly. When you are done with riding you can simply press stop ride on the app and lock the e-scooter wherever you want.
Enjoy your ride!


Source: Giro-mobility, Klemen Vidmar.