How to plan a summer vacation during coronavirus outbreak?

As summer revs up, many families who’ve planned vacations and long-anticipated reunions are left wondering whether it’s safe to travel during the coronavirus outbreak. Most states and countries have reopened, giving residents a semblance of normalcy, but COVID-19 cases are still rising in some areas.

The good news is you can travel this summer!”It’s OK to have fun, (but) do it safely,” Saad Omer, director of Yale Institute for Global Health in New Haven, Connecticut, told TODAY. “You just need to strike a balance.”

Here are some ways to take a safe vacation during the COVID-19 outbreak, from the best modes of transportation to tips to plan safe gatherings.

-Choosing a destination

  • Check travel restrictions and quarantine rules for your desired destination. Some states require visitors to stay inside for two weeks upon arrival.
  • Know the rules in the state and town where you live. If you’ll need to quarantine when you return, can you miss work or work remotely?


  • Check airline policies beforehand. Choose an airline with precautionary measures you’re comfortable with.
  • Regardless of the airline’s policies, bring disinfectant wipes with you, and clean your area carefully before sitting down. If your seat is made of a nonporous material (basically anything but fabric), wipe it down, along with armrests and tray tables.
  • Wear your mask the entire flight, except for when eating or drinking.

-Hotels and rental homes

Experts believe hotels and vacation rental homes pose a similar risk of coronavirus transmission. But they’re safer than staying with family or friends, Omer said. If you stay in different lodgings, you can arrange meet-ups where you’re maintaining social distance, which is far safer than staying in the same space.